Taller Detalles, decoración a base de madera amigable con la naturaleza

Taller Detalles: Environmental Wooden Based Decoration Items


In order to get into the context of the business, let us know about Edgard Nicaragua, owner of Taller Detalles. The company start-up plan initially was focused on selling various plants to a specific niche. Eventually, Mr. Nicaragua expanded his market segmentation due to the demand at the time. He did not hesitate in seizing the opportunity presented right in front of him and changed the direction of his business, focusing now, in wooden based products. It is important to remark the fact that, at a national level, it has become a profitable pillar of business.

As an additional fact, Mr. Edgard’s family had always been on the plant market segment, in other words, they always worked, as Edgard did, with plants, inheriting the family business. It was until Mr. Edgard decided to innovate and expand their horizons by designing decorative pieces of art and different rustic furniture. He, alongside his wife and three co-workers have set the business up and keep the business competitive in their niche.

“I always wake up, eager and keen to work, since it is what I like to do the most, and I feel proud, because I know that my customers buy a good product. We take up to twelve days assembling our pieces. Our raw material is collected from the wood we get out of the roots of fallen trees, here in our community, or smithereens of the trees that the sawmills get rid of for having pronounced knots or imperfections on the tree bark. Additionally, we have commercial relationships with companies which provide with local permits and count with policies that authorize the use of protected wood,” Edgard said.

Moreover, the concepts and designs are drawn out of images they look for. These concepts might be for business purposes and green areas, which serves as a lever to sell more.

“I hope that my three children, who are 11, 8, and 6 years old respectively follow my steps and keep the legacy alive. To me, it is like handcrafting, but using wood. I created profiles for my children on an application, so they can see images, and simultaneously, getting into the carpentry. It is not only the fact that they would follow the tradition, but that they can also be able to help the customers to convey what they have in mind, because we try to draw and capture the feelings and give them a physical form through the pieces of work.” Stated the artisan from Catarina.

The quality of the products of Edgard’s workshop, is perfectly competitive in the international market, because he is very meticulous on the details of the articles he produces, in order to express how special are each and every single design of his.

“Our goal is to build memories into the custom products, and that our customers may be able to feel reflected on it,” emphasized the owner of Taller Detalles.